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Equipment stats don't apply?

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  • Equipment stats don't apply?

    So I've been going through my equipment for once in the past like 5 years and I noticed that say I have 450k patk and my weapon gives me 5k, when I put it off only the core 960 goes away so therefore enchantment levels don't take effect? I tried fiddling with the gems and those do take effect but not the enchantment levels, it's pretty weird and I don't know what is happening really i first noticed when i put the weapon on and it gave me only 1k br when it should've been more so I thought of taking a look and that's what I saw. Same for the refinement bonus it just does not stack properly I have a 225 PDEF bonus yet when i put it off my PDEF only looses 50.

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    Oh nvm all that I was just a nub and did not realize I had my DC activatated so that's why they did not stack up properly, without DC it was all the stats on point.