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we are 2nd hand customers here or what?

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  • we are 2nd hand customers here or what?

    This is lucky exchange on russian wartune version. Seems we are 2nd hand customers here because we getting just **** events instead of them. Is insulting that you can treat the customers in such a different ways

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    Seriously????? How about making our events look like that! You wonder why people are leaving this game? We have been coining for years, now we see that? You want us to stay, then how about treating your valued customers the same as you do in the Russian servers....


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      R2/ProC are not related to the russian version of Wartune. There are other versions in a variety of languages each with their own ability to tinker with the code and do as they wish, under the terms of their own licenses. We have nothing to do with their support, their website, or their events. It is differences in versions that the following rule exists:

      12. While we do appreciate player's enthusiasm for our games, and their eagerness to get things out to the players, what might be the case in the other versions of our games that exist, may not be the case in ours, and posting information from those games can result in false expectations of our version of the game. As such, information on other versions of our games is not to be posted in the forums.

      And for that reason, this topic is now closed. If you have specific suggestions for events as they occur on this platform, you are welcome to discuss that in a new thread.
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