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  • Periodic Registrations & Event Times

    Can we get a dashboard for the Guild Master, or a daily game mail, showing what guild events are expiring within a day or two and need re-registration? Perhaps put this next to the Members Tab in the Guild?

    There are so many events, some with registration and some not, and they're so out of sync, at times, we lose days of play for the entire guild because we don't have a handle on what's expired, especially as some things change with the fullness of time. We need to do better than rely on perfect memory in a game with so much to be done.

    So, there are monthlies like Castle Wars now (which we've missed the first day four of the last five months now) and Outlands. Siege monthly or a season?...I know there have been some not ending with the end of the month.
    We all run events, but it's not until we've failed to re-register do we see it wasn't automatic, or that it wasn't on the 1st of the month, or it was on the 1st and we didn't keep track.
    If Wartune is going to be inconsistent in the first place, please give our guilds a fighting chance for it not to penalize us...right now, it's not working.
    And we usually have a couple of dozen people in our guild alone...and others elsewhere I know about...wondering why this isn't done already.

    And, World Boss starts 35 minutes after the hour in the morning...1135 server time.
    When you sometimes have at least two other conflicting issues right at 2230 server time (the end of battleground and the end of Outlands Crystal War), we could really use that to be moved just five minutes later to 2235 as the starting time for World Boss, and where it would make sense and be haven't done it.
    For the sake of not forcing us to miss the end of either of two events in order to get in the WB room on time for rewards, can the evening time for World Boss be moved from 2230 to 2235?
    If the issue is the lateness of the's already been moved from 2200 to 2230...another five minutes surely shouldn't be a big deal.
    If you don't want to move it those measly five minutes, perhaps you can reinstate the battleground room that starts at 2300 so people logging in after getting home from a long day can choose more easily to run battleground later...there aren't really enough choices of time for BG as a devo event during the day, either, but that's another issue for another post....