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    what they heck is the devs crazy or is it a mistake just seen the indivdual points reward starts at 1k like normal then the devs put the amount needed at 10k wth and for the guild reward level 1 starts at 3k like normal then the devs put level 2 reward at 20k needed to claim with each level reward needing between 10k to 30k increase to claim the next level reward again wth are these devs stupid and greedy if this is not a mistake then the devs made it so players will online get the level 1 reward and nothing else so much for doing lucky exchange for the footprint or stardust these kind of things the devs do just to get players to spend is stupid they are making more events with rewards we need but no real way to get the items with out spending how the heck players do these types of events when the devs make it impossible to do this is the most stupid level requirement they have done yet

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    Totally agree. It's just another nail in the coffin of Wartune, a fine example of how to further alienate your player base. Well done.


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          devs or r2 - we know r2 are stupid and think everyone should just give them money for nothing
          the levels --- well ---- only the same servers/guilds are spending whilst everyone else is saying F*** You

          It shows total stupidity to try to get players to spend when many are without jobs and an income due to the covid virus
          many people will lose their jobs due to companies deciding that they need less staff to do jobs
          many older people will never get their jobs back - especially as governments are pushing for younger people to be taken on
          therefore most of the players of wartune and other r2 games will be spending less as they require the money for every day bills

          which are stupid the devs or r2 will probably never find out - especially as r2 always blame the devs
          whilst we also know that the devs modify the game to suit r2 wishes

          only after the event will r2 see whether there are enough players willing to pay for rubbish rewards or not