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Wartune Developer Feedback to Common Suggestions

This is a sticky topic.
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    REMOVING the damn treasure thief from sky trail is a healthy one!


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      what about adding another weekly devotion chest a 3500, as most people can max the 2100 in about 4 days, the rewards could be double what is the 2100 to reward the DIE HARD players, this inturn would possibly increase gameplay - even without VIP, 500 per day is achievable

      what can happen, once players max out 2100, they only really go for 300 devo daily as there is no more incentive to keep playing


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        Suggestion #5: We have a very bad experience in Multi-player Arena due to lagging and Stunning. It would be better if the player's battle units could be sealed, just like in Demon Continent and Road to Revenge.
        Feedback: Thanks for your suggestion! We will optimize lag, Stunning and other issues in the Arena in the subsequent version.

        I think u guys can look after this right now, its getting pretty impossibly to do arena as it is now.
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          hello all.
          MemoryLane this thread made on 24 july 2020 and it supposed developers heard players for adjusting some events in order to player have better gaming entertainment.
          However, since someone claim some of this will be on patch 10.0 nothing happened and we all are awaiting for this and some players already left from wartune for this.
          So all i want to know is this when this will be relaized? Just like other players i wonder when is this relaized too.
          That would be very appreciated us if you could tell us certain time or estimated time (if certain time is unknown)


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            I agree all them suggestion are good, but why not fixing the server first I don't have managed to enter the site since last Friday.


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              Get WARTUNE restored, back up and running please. Then we can all have great suggestions to the developer!