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Temple 65 NM Dungeon(ask)

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  • Temple 65 NM Dungeon(ask)

    has anyone try to do this? let me know what's your experience..

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    DarkYuna - lvl 74 Archer - 82k BR - S42 Tarraton Lair


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      youre best chance is GG oni since what ive seen from bigblette video its painfull


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        Originally posted by onimad View Post
        has anyone try to do this? let me know what's your experience..
        Experience was....painful. The recording shows our second attempt actually. First one was even worse: boss has critted me for 42k (yeah it's not a typo, fourthy two thousand crit damage) So I died so fast I was not even able to start recording (lol).

        But again, I'm a weaksauce, so maybe a non paper knight can get it right now, by scrolling and warrior's call. (I used lvl 3 pots for that "experience")
        Wartune - S9 Camp Calorn
        Dragon Pals - S6 Emerald Isle
        Shadowbound - S2 Crystal Meadows
        Weak warrior


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          lucky, u only use lvl 3 pot
          I use all best pot and scroll. Also with warrior call
          and my team dead in just a few turn.
          Boss cant be DF, dmg rrly hard
          cant even reduce his hp to 3x hp bar


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            What was your Def for that Big? Didn't get to see your stats.

            Edit: NM saw it on the rewatch. Looks like it'd be a fun match up for me. I'm not that far off from you