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Any Other Servers With This Problem?

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  • Any Other Servers With This Problem?

    ok on my server the average top lvl players are all 50ish,but theres 1 guy who has tons of money and no life who is lvl 55 everything maxxed and can rofl stomp a whole guild of 50's pretty much by himself .... i realize a game needs money ... but shoudnt there be a cap or something .... like half the server quit to start a new character somewhere else and most of the other half are in his guild ... im trying my best to not give up ... but seriously looking to find a new game ... in guild battle we just all go afk ... in BG just hope hes busy crushing someone else so u can sneak by and maybe grab a shard ... absolutly no chance vs him ... and yea hes a mage .... with 55 knights ... the fancy unicorn ... maxxed academy and every socke open and every gem maxxed and has 13k more BR then the second ranked guy ....

    *Sigh* such a good game too ... shame its the ultimate no lifer/money game

    *signed* An Average Player With A life

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    What server is this cuz now im curious xD


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      There are players I cannot touch on my server and I am about a top 10 player. There were players reaching 60(all in the same guild) and the rest of the server was still waiting on hitting 55. I was the first in another guild hitting 55 and had to wait over a week for more to hit 55 so we could run the 55 dungeon and I still enjoy this game. There is plenty to enjoy without letting a single player ruin it.
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        i dont understand what yr problem man, lose GB? go afk n waiting the end = free rewards n save time. always killed on BG? enter BG after ~10min when it started, his life - his choice spend all his lifetime on game like zombie n dead in 1 bed with computer or start do something really good
        class balance ****
        cash - noncah balance ****

        so game ****? - ye

        dont choose mage, bcs mage sux class!


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          EVERY server has at least 1 monster that is not touchable. No matter where you go. Same EVERYWHERE. Must learn to fight and not give up.
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            Still wanna know what server this is but, Bigblete definitely tells the truth almost all servers have 1 or more of those.