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Level 65MP Demon Temple .. 3 Mages !!

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    Originally posted by SinnedWill View Post
    Can we please get a moderator to squash these trolls?

    For those of you who don't know, and are subject to forming an opinion based upon what Mizuti and susanking (LadySaint) say, you need to understand that they are trolls. When they cannot do something as well as someone else, they will cry out that a person is a cheater/hacker/etc. They are former guildmates of mine (Saint, I really wouldn't consider a "relationship" over the internet sufficient to qualify as really being my girlfriend, sorry) and after the split, vowed revenge upon me by either making me quit or getting me banned. They consistantly attempt to bait my guildmates and myself into violating ToS so that they can ostricize me from the server. That, coupled with all these accusations of hacking/cheating/exploiting are a bit silly. Yes, there appears to have been something that occured to my character one time in the past, but it was not a result of any intentional action on my behalf to cause it, nor did I even know that it occured. I HAVE been investigated for cheats/hacks/exploits and likely will always continue to be so long as people maintain suspicion and report me when they feel as though such is the case.

    Now, when you speak of me having unlimited gold, you're being a bit silly. See the damage I do at WB? Take that value, divide it by 5 and that's the amount of gold/daru I've earned from it. Then, there's always the bonus rewards (apollo prize, warrior prize), which are in your mail. If you leave them unopened, they can sit there for 30 days, so I typically accumulate a large quantity of these for occasions such as enchanting, upgrading, etc. before collecting the gold/daru from them. Factor in every other method of making gold in the game, and you'll realise just how silly you sound.

    The only thing I've suggested to my guildmates to do so as to increase the gold they earn is to first upgrade their attack values before upgrading other guild skills or astrals and how to get the most they can out of every WB (but I suppose that's exploiting?).


    Making you quit or getting you banned?? When did i ever say that ? LOL And yes, obviously telling me you love me, and wanting me to come to your hometown, and trying to get me back,I'd consider that was gf status. The whole server knew it. LOL Get real Will. Everything I said is true. Stop trying to throw a blanket over it. No one wants to hear your explanations anymore.


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      In reponse to a few who had ligimate questions about formations and such. I have completed it with 2 seperate group compositions.

      Group A: 2 Mages, 2 Archers. Archers cycled Scatter shot to keep the debuff off nearly the entire time. 2 Mages to heal the archer and heal the slight additional dmg they take compared to a knight with defensive abilities.

      Group B: 1 Mage(myself), 2 Archers, 1 Knight. Same Formation, Mage,2archers,Knight up front. 1 archer stayed dedicated to Scatter Shot/debuff, 1 archer stayed on freeze at a minimum, the knight cycled through their reduce dmg skill, attack skills and bubble to keep his hp regenerating with suntoria.

      Overall, 4, decent 45k-50k players could manage this dungeon. The biggest issue most PUGs(Pick up groups) will face is coordination.

      Good Luck!



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        As for the will always be investigated - we all know the tickets are being replied with by an automated message, it's so obvious they don't even change it around and use the same one for every issue. If you go to people directly they tell you to file a ticket, so that's a moot point. Noone of R2 cares about people cheating, and that's to your benefit. But as I mentioned before, a few certain people will be gone soon, and you won't have to hide things anymore cause others care about your exploits as much as R2 does, not at all.


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          For someone who's quitting and doesn't care, they certainly put quite a bit of effort into this.

          Back on topic: Honestly, this dungeon can be done with any composition so long as there is at least 1 mage and 1 archer. Trick to making this dungeon easiest are defenses and HP so that suntoria is more effective - this will end up saving the mage from using rage runes. First few times we tried DT we had 2 knights, 1 mage, 1 archer, and we'd get Azakaar down to 1-2 hits before dropping the archer (back then, our archer's gear wasn't anywhere near fully enchanted, and I hadn't tried share-tanking with the knights, not to mention we have several weeks' worth of more growth).