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  • nemisis

    can't find element crystals to combine atk def crystals to make 1 ancient stone

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    Path to Redemption - only way to get nemesis crystals for non casher. Check on which path have attack and defense and click on it.


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      Originally posted by R211166343 View Post
      can't find element crystals to combine atk def crystals to make 1 ancient stone
      if you meant the combined stones ,then they are not to be found yet. Besides for players who use balens and besides when they are in a special lucky event like first 2 weeks of anniversary event where they did dropping from the champagne bottles and the cakes as well in those weeks it was in the hot events as well as a exchange for 1 of those 2 (i believe it was limited amount)

      For rest to go to the Ancient stones before you have to make the combined ancient you mainly get those as Beehappy said
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        Already have more than 1k of ancient and advancement atk def crit etc. the element crystals wind water etc. there are no element crystals in Redemtion are they going to make them or is this more junk thats wasted space?


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          Check on Gold / Platinum pot icon - you can get those resistance stones by spending balens (if you're lucky) and special event as what ghost said.


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            i heards the nemesi i em so exited to lvl of time figure my characters to info hoolywoog gamers