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Well my two cents

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  • jeez22
    started a topic Well my two cents

    Well my two cents

    I was reading the post on the(Wartune Com News) (wich memorylane refered on other forum post) and i have to say there is so much i disagree with.

    This got my eye right away "If the team is really as bad as 7Road says, why doesn't 7Road complain with the team at any time in 2018, 2019, or even early 2020?"

    First no clue who to lay blame on but holiday events have been worse then ever for sinse football cup event 2018? thingy everything started to go ***, so bad alot ppl quit game for good.
    There is alot of stuff ev1 shud read it if you dont want to check link you can google it and click News on website
    I for sure hope after this all is done we atleast get some new good events if devs change because now there is nothing to look forward to as holiday events are so f**** bad everytime
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  • MemoryLane
    Devs do the code, so if events are something that's bothering you, not much of that is publisher controlled. Same with bug fixes, our beloved optimizations, the lack of caching, and so on.

    I don't agree with the way parts of that announcement were worded. I think they could have done without the rhetorical questions. They could have just stated that no one works for free. Income statements from publicly traded companies are publicly available online, shows they were indeed receiving a lot of money during the time they supposedly worked for free. It's obvious that the claim of non-payment for 2 years was false.

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  • CasperKnight
    they like drama

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