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  • Infraction

    So it seems that I now have an infraction from R2 for a trumped up charge of posting while using an alt account.
    Answer me this question.
    How did I access the forum using an alt account. I have tried to log in for a few days after my initial post but could not. Today I tried again with my usual details 'NO ALT' & managed to log in & leave a post on the forums.
    Please provide evidence that I logged in using an alt account as I can assure you I did no such thing.
    Awaiting your reply !!!!

  • #2
    You couldn't access after your initial post because I issued a ban, as mentioned in my sticky thread in News and Events. Obviously, that ban has expired. You then continued to break the one rule that's being enforced right now, and thus would have earned yourself another ban.

    We use an infraction system to keep track of people who frequently break forum rules. Infractions give points, and after a certain number of points, the forum is suppose to automatically ban the user for a specified number of days. Because I am the only one who can directly ban someone from the forum, I created a custom infraction, with a message that really only pertains to one specific person. This custom infraction was designed to give enough points to instantly ban the person without having to wait for subsequent posts to infract to build up more points. Like a quick kill button for mods and GMs to use. It seems the infraction system is not currently functioning properly, which doesn't surprise me one bit.

    Once again, bans are being issued for those who choose ignore the request to not post certain things on the forum. This is still R2's platform, and you were never allowed to discuss other platforms here. I have been very lenient with the rules for years, but for this, the rules is being strictly enforced, which is why I posted an announcement in News and Events.

    So I apologize for the incorrect infraction reason you were given, but the next time you mention the topic that keeps getting your posts deleted, it will be a permanent ban.

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