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Once upon a time there where a game..

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  • Once upon a time there where a game..

    and then it went away. Will it ever come back? I miss it, I miss the game, miss my char and most of all I miss my guild and server maids. Damn even miss the cross server events!! Just wanted u all to know that. Still waiting... love.. Kat
    Like a winderwind my whispers confuse you, they make yours ears freeze and before you notice Im gone by the wind. I made you heart hurt? Oh no, dont worry, Its just marks after my bow!
    Sticks like a rose and may be deadly..

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    once upon a time people were playing a game for already more than a month


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      y'all got played. have fun waiting
      ooo naww, you didn't. you gotta be trollin' me o_O