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  • Last hit

    Everyone goes for it. But it is just a waste of time and potentially gold and daru. If there is 200 people in the world boss battle. you have a 1/200 chance of getting last hit. the odds are not good. It's just better to get as much Gold and Daru as you can instead.

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    Speaking of last hit, I just got it earlier from the WB event.

    And yes. I waited for it. It all depends on luck really. This is the 3rd time I got the last hit. Managed to get 1 last week as well.
    My 1st 1 though, was last month. Who knows when will my next one be. If I will get that last hit at all.

    Why not risk a few 20k worth of gold(20k for me anyway) for 1mil? You can always cover back the lost gold with other things.