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Archer Skills for Cata's PvE?

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    Originally posted by ArcTheLad View Post
    Hello, ArcTheLad here. Level 61 archer with level 60 troops.

    I was told you needed some help. I am not really sure how I can help but one of the things I go for in order to fight against faye easily, is upgrade your troops in academy. I have all my academy troop upgrades at lvl 55 except hero/troop patk at level 60. I will post up the video i recorded of my completeing floor 100 in catacombs.

    NOTE: In my opinion, I dont think your mdef matters that much against faye (6-7k mdef minimum); as an archer, it is all about your troops surviving long enough for you to deal enough dmg (patk wise). Bloodthirsty is good to have, but the most important one to have is deep freeze, I have my deep freeze at level 3 and use multi and arrow strike for dmg.

    Heres my video:

    If you have any other questions, ask away. I will post another video later In this post to show my current stats and build etcetc.
    Really appreciate you taking the time to share and help out. I can give being in front a try, but I think I just needed to get stronger. Here is my current skills.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	4.JPG
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      Being up front is a must, It helps you survive longer and also because faye likes atking the back row more than the front.


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        If your still paying attention to this I would say at lvl 50 u need to put in determination as it will boost ur base critical damage. Also when ur doing these bosses from lvl 50 and up you need to pot with Intel as well as power being the 50 and up bosses use pattk and mattk.


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          Okay this is the 2nd attempt that I wanted to show you, with no medallion, mdef astral, and no wings; also my current stats and academy build.

          Don't forgot to watch in 720P


          Any other questions, ask away.