I had and still have a love/hate relationship with this game, on one hand it's by far the best browser game out there, provided you already know the ropes. This game's learning curve is massive and you will make a lot of mistakes as a newcomer, which is nice for you as an experienced player, you get rewarded for your experience. On the other hand the more experienced you are the more you start to realize the futility of it all, the more you advance the bigger the gap becomes for you to become something relevant.

So you just end up playing this game for fun, you pick it up play it for a few weeks maybe a few months and then just stop, maybe revive your old char against after a year or two, or start over again. The beauty of this game is the community, through it's guild system you can make yourself some really good friends which you will do a lot of things together, you are almost guaranteed to find yourself 3 other people that you will form bonds with due to the nature of the game.

A few months have passed and we're starting to walk towards the day of the charges, and I hope there will be something to be done about this, I presume the game would continue it's course, maybe even improve out of this, and it will boom for certain at least in the first months of its return because everyone will be excited to play it. I believe the dedicated players who supported this game for so long will not be too upset if their toons cannot be recovered, which would be ideal, so I believe most of us would be ok with a fresh start even, we just want the game back, because the truth of the matter is you just miss playing a little bit of good old wartune.

Lastly I want to express how surprised and impressed that this game made it this far to begin with, and if alas there won't be anything more after all this is over, many probably are already ready for the game to just end one day....just like it did.