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Vip Wheel

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  • Vip Wheel

    I dont know about everyone else, but the rewards on the VIP Wheel are generally awesome, but you can never achieve the great stuff on it. I always save up enough tokens to do the entire eight wins, and can almost predict where it will stop on every turn. The awesome gems are unobtainable. My suggestion would be for this wheel is to make it random on how you get things off of it. I understand it is a perk to have for being part of the VIP club, but why have it if you can never get anything off of it that is great. I make surethat every time I use it there are 6-8 gems on it to choose from, occasionally I get a lvl 2 gem if it is on the wheel, otherwise i get the 20k, health pots, daru, and other lower lvl stuff.

    Please speak out for this to be fixed.

    Realm 72

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    There has been numerous threads on this already. I could count about 15 of them.
    Please refer to them.

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