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Since your merging all these servers FIX BATTLEGROUND

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  • Since your merging all these servers FIX BATTLEGROUND

    i suggest since you have merged all these high level Players together you make the battlegrounds go in incrememnts of 10, IE; 30-39 40-49 50-60 eetc etc Since very high levels of the same guild now "guard north and south" and hit everyone that walks by, its NO FUN at all and I pay TONS of money to play this game, I dont have the extra time these people that seem to be online 24/7 do to level up and frankly im to the point of looking for another game.

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    There have been many threads on splitting on battlegrounds, including your suggestion of 30-39, 40-49.
    This suggestion has been noted.

    Further discussion could be carried out there.
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