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Got Facebook quest... how does one do it?

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  • Got Facebook quest... how does one do it?

    first... there are many FB pages that claim to be Wartune... second, the one i went to that i think is the right one is an APP... so no LIKE button...

    so could someone give absolute specific details on the procedure to satisfy the' Got Facebook' quest? where is this illusive Wartune LIKE button to be found?

    BTW... i am not playing through FB... nor do i ever plan too, since games that run on FB have too many problems (which being on FB adds to the mix)... i run Wartune straight from a browser URL...

  • #2
    Use the ingame button to like it. Its near youre world icon.
    DarkYuna - lvl 74 Archer - 82k BR - S42 Tarraton Lair


    • #3
      i will try that... thanks!


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        that worked great... thanks again!