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Trading System ^^,

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  • Trading System ^^,

    I would like to suggest Trading System and Player Shops ^^, ... Cuz I want to give the equipments like broken weapons/etc. to my mates rather that make them useless... If this is not approve because of hackers using trading system, why not make trading password or something, where when a player 1st open trading system let them apply a password when to accept the trade... And player shops, where they can sell Items to other people to see using gold/ballens/cryp tokens/insignia... Still, allow players who will sell items to have a selling password to apply when someone buy items... Just a suggestion though as a player ^^, ... Thank you for reading...

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    if you would like to check the suggestion forum, its one of the most common suggestions....
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      did i put this in the right place?? XD


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        Where is the suggestion forum?? XD


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          I found it ^^, thank you... Sorry I put this in the wrong place XD


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            There are already more than 20 threads on trading.

            This thread is closed due to redundancy.
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