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Illusion and Deflection Astral 8% chance Vs 10% chance

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  • Illusion and Deflection Astral 8% chance Vs 10% chance

    A illusion lev 4 astral which has a 8% chance of occurring and a deflection lev 5 (well the lev makes no difference to the chance in this case) which has a 10% chance of occurring. Illusion happened 3 times in a row in a single duel fight and deflection i am still looking whether it is gonna happen or not once in 20 single duel fights. Now from what Mathematical point of view can we call that fair. Doesn't the probability theory talk about chance. Its just means all the other 10% chance astrals are totally useless and should be removed from the game. People who have it are not using it anymore because the chance of happening of it has been lowered so much that nothin can be more useless. A lot of gold is wasted first to obtain these orange astrals then to upgrade them to lev 5 and then you notice that they are not worth a penny. Well we surely cannot call it a fair game or fair maths

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    I also think that the Enhanced Deflection astral activates much less often than the Enhanced Illusion astral (level 5).
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      Actually what math tells us is that it is possible for illusion to happen three times in a row and deflection to not happen 20 times in a row, the chances are just very slim. I use blessed health (10% activation) and it goes off quite often, sometimes 5 times out of 10 turns. It is all just random and up to chance. If you don't like them, don't use them, but suggesting they be removed from the game is foolish. If what you say is true and they aren't really worthwhile, wouldn't you want your enemies to have them equipped?


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        Well Probablity is Probablity because it works on some rules and methods.......if a 8% illusion keeps working 3 times in a row and not just once i have had a lot many times.....then the probabilty theory and that 8% chance can't be just be a " probability", welll i work on a fair game and not on what my enemies should possess because if the scope of the game need to be broadened then these matters need to be looked into or else the rules of the game be very simple and straight no surprise elements.....those astrals are surprise elements so they need to have the same hit theory like the illusion astral.


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          As far as I can tell, Illusion is the only "proc" astral that CAN occur on back-to-back occasions. I've used Illusion, Deflection, and the heal-proc astrals (regeneration and blessed health) quite often, and I've NEVER seen a deflection or heal-proc occur more than once in 2 full rounds (my attack, enemy's attack, my attack, enemy's attack). I HAVE seen deflection and heal-proc astrals occur twice over three full rounds, however (my atack gets a heal-proc, enemy attack caused a deflection proc, my attack without proc, enemy's attack without deflection proc, and finally my attack with a heal-proc, enemy's attack caused a deflection proc). I'm guessing the heal-proc and deflection procs have "rate limits" (i.e. not allowed to occur back-to-back) since they could potentially cause far too great of an imbalance in the game at high levels. Albeit, I suppose the same could be said of Illusion astral with its current behavior.

          Side-note: Regeneration astral's heal-proc values certainly bug out frequently giving far less than it should, particularly when using a skill that is aoe or deals its damage multiple times. Best example: in group arena, my RoF hit a knight for 4860 and 5120 (hits twice) -both of his teammates were already dead, btw- and my enhanced regeneration 3 (30% damage dealt -> HP) proc value was 397.


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            what i can say is these astrals don't work as it should be =(


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              yeah i dont think it works as what it should.
              i have lvl5 and it sooo rare it reflects but my dodge works great.