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how you back stab infinity

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  • how you back stab infinity

    in pic prove1, genbrutal use acc sacre to abuse his power kick other ppl, most of them against they will, and he persuade them using infi leader,and 3 top assist manager name to pursuade whose he kicking to joint other guild, you can confirm them by name in the list
    in pic prove2, he using seattle,honor name to pursuade every ppl infinity, without they knowledge, he use them for make infi against another infi
    in pic prove4 he try pursuade other ppl, to replace his g m

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    maksd'a apa ni cc ?


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      i don't understand the problem or if there is even a problem...if you join a guild, the gm can kick you when ever he/she wants,


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        he ia not a gm. gm trust him but he back stab her abuse her trust, ppl in the list kick against they will and without gm permission


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          Disagree with others, have personal issues with others.... hell war with others... but keep it civil on the forums

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            ok you can close this thread now mod, np, sorry about that


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              Not being on the server nor involved in the issue, and looking at the screenshots, I see nothing wrong there beside maybe a guild master that put his trust in the wrong person at the worst case, but then, only guild master's fault. Promoting players gives them the power to kick, and they can use it at will, and basically can kill a guild, which unfortunately seemed to have happenned there.

              Sad part: all the players kicked lost their contributions :/
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