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Why Are There Unbounded Items?

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  • Why Are There Unbounded Items?

    in most games, 'unbounded' means the item can be given to another player... but there doesn't seem to be an ability to do that i have found...

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    Well not sure why they have both bound and unbound but it does take up two inventory spaces... so people will use the vouchers or balens to purchase more inventory space. Coincidence??? Maybe.

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      you can combine stacks of unbounded to bounded items by just having them both in inventory and placing one stack on top of the other (which gives a confirmation message)... so they don't have to take up two inventory spaces if you do this...


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        Usually, unbound item (in other games) you can trade or sell. Bounded item is stuck with you. And yes it's for you to spend those voucher to open extra space unless you already know it can be stacked.

        But I suspect in the near future there is a trading feature.


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          Unbound items will be able to be sold in the homestead (auction house) in an upcoming patch (hopefully in february, fingers crossed)
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            ahhhh... so that's what the Homestead is

            maybe i'll keep those unbounded rares i can't use to sell after all...