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Is it me or is the Illusion Astral triggering more often than the 8% it says for lv 4

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  • Is it me or is the Illusion Astral triggering more often than the 8% it says for lv 4

    Kinda hard to believe it mathematically.

    I know some of the people out there will say, it is in the realms of stochastic process.

    However 8% = 8/100 = 4/50=2/25= 1/12.5 say 1 out of 12...

    It losely translates to every 12 hits by an opponent you will have 1 dodge with 1 dmg.

    However the probability of that occuring is much higher than the said 8%.

    Anyone feels that way?
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    yes very true


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      ssshhhh I dont want this fixed
      Death comes when you hear the Banshee.....


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        In my experience with illusion astral, I've found that it seems to become accurate mathematically over a long period of time. For example: I have level 6 dodge astral (12%) and I usually notice that I'll go 6-8 arena duels while only dodging 1 time at the most, then suddenly on the next arena duel, I'll dodge 2 in a row, take a hit, then dodge another two in a row. In PvE it becomes noticably more consistant mathematically since you're typically getting hit for less damage values (than pvp) with greater frequency.