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The following behaviours, wich one are considered exploit or cheat?? Please r2 answer

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    exploit is only for bug not the game mechanic.
    so, kick from guild technique is legal i think.
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      Allright, now can we all go back to the thread topic everyone please?

      And thank you! There is a mail tool available on top of forum for 2 people to argue on each others if need be.

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        Originally posted by gagm200 View Post
        no I don't I just don't like people acting all high and mighty when there not
        You are so damn ignorant, why do you think they became mod in the first place................ Gosh the almighty of retardeness


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          Originally posted by Ati2de View Post
          You aren't well liked are you?
          I don't need to be liked, I like to face realities; for when the trade or gift options come and you got something good in that account and the owner decides to come back and take all those away from you, I'd be laughing my *** off. You can only act like you are now because theres no trade function or whatnot. The day you get scammed by your so called friend, I'd be laughing and laughing.


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            Still no r2 games response from a GM, its so easy to finish this, please do it


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              lol the GM's generally do not post in the forums, except for storm or pat in the news and events forums... The GM's generally deal with bigger issues such as the running of the games, players tickets and other more serious issues than dealing with people that want to debate or argue the rules in a forum........ its like saying that kids do not have to listen to the babysitter cos they are not the parents......

              I can see if a GM is going to drop everything on a busy weekend for the staff and come into the forum just to re quote the rules for you....
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                Originally posted by shirokane View Post
                Pretty simple situations that we will want to know if they can be considered exploit:

                1. You have an alt account of your own and you farm that alt account on Battlegrounds for honor, you plunder your own account in order to increasse the gold gain of your main character too.

                2. One of your friends left the game and you have his account, so you can play with that character and plunder him for gold and other benefits.

                3. Kicking ppl from the guild to join other guilds and then got them back after the battle.

                That is going on in server 1 cause I've been around since August of last year. Cashiers and non cashier alike. It's not just one or two people it's a group of people. It defeats the whole purpose of working hard and it's time consuming for them. It may be hard to prove but people doing that should be kicked warned and maybe banned or suspened for a week or so.

                As far as kicking people so they can join guild war r2 games needs to let teams have 100 members and each fight should be 9 on 9. In mp dungeons sometimes 4 people fight 9 enemy. max is 100 players in guild war and max group fights 9 on 9. The rules need to change so exploits don't happen.


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                  UPDATED to reflect GM ruling just to hand for the Staff to post

                  The ToS of service covers having multi accounts ( no password sharing / no limit on number of accounts a person can have ) and that alts may not be used to give a person the ability to exploit a number of aspects of game play and gain benefit from those exploits.

                  ANY questions will be answered by filing a ticket...... until such time as the R2 rules are revised and updated to reflect players questions and concerns
                  Dragon Pals and Shadowbound Mod and Basic tech support

                  R2 Serrin, My partner and fiancee, RIP 1971-2015
                  Cha bhi fios aire math an tobair gus an trÃ*igh e.