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Suggestion to better game

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  • Suggestion to better game

    Hello I am from s 77 Tarlington Field I want to bring some idea's for bettering this game . First when we battle in Guild Battle other Guilds are bringing in other guild members after there guild battle and I think if a guild is in Battle with certain Guilds during the Battle they should not be allowed to kick high members to join in with themduring a Guild Battle in progress really is not fair fight suggestion is if kicked or leave your guild you can't join another guild for 24 hours ... then they leave there guild to join another Guild Battle after they have beat there Guild Battle double all high players wont be allowed because they leave they would not be able to join, this would stop a lot of wrongful Guild Battles that are not a fair fight ... Second Suggestion Guild Master is only one to summon Tree But the problem lies with, if the Guild Master has emergency or needs few days off for life events then the rest of the Guild looses out .. I don't think its fair that a Guild Master hast to give his Guild over to another taking a chance at never getting it back in order for tree to be summon Suggestion is allow Guild Assistants to summon tree this is why we select Guild Assistants for helping run Guild when Guild Master not able to be in game ... please change these issues we are VIP members and time to time buy Balens as paying members please consider these suggestion thank you Sincerly LadyShiiiz

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    I agree completely and leave it to avengers to try and pull another stunt to win as if all the cheating they have done wasnt enough, they go and mess with the other guild battles as well.