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    So I should increase my troops PATK in the academy to get more MATK from Knights enlightenment? I did find that I am getting +100 to my MATK with my troops equipped.


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      If you have knights then increase troop patk and leave matk alone. With knight troops as a mage you can have matk for enlightenment and receive the patk from the knight.

      I have heard the same works for patk with angels for patk classes but don't quote me on this one.

      For academy troop matk will only boost angels and priests. Troop patk will only boost knights, griffins, paladins, and hunters. So only up your troop patk skills if you have knights and only up your troop matk skills if you have angels.
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        Got it! Thank you very much!!


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          Alright, so I upgraded my troops PATK 3 times and I am still only getting +100 to my MATK from my troops.. Why isn't it increasing at all? lol


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            It takes the % value of your troops, if your troops have 5063 patk, then you will get 51 matk per % of the enlightenment...if your patk upgrades did not bring it over another 100 barrier it will have no effect now