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  • battlefields

    i would like to suggest that battle should be durring the day as well at night and like the differant dungons differant levels you can get points or very much honor when you are being attacked by players 15 to 20 levals over you they are getting rewards your not you cant advance to better weapons and different levels whith the small amout of exp you get per dungons and quest i would also like to know if anyone else would like them to add anouther battle agenst dragons that you fight byyourself to get honer and exp if not how about getting honer with the dungons and quest we all ready do not just in battle i buy a lot of balens when i can what does everyone think of them having half price specials once in a while and maybe lowering the prices on idems on specils to they can lower the prices in the crypt, arena to give the lower level players to get to better weapons so the can compete im not taking anything away from the level higher but rember when we get to your level you`lll be stil 25 levels ahead so maybe you should think about that

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    i agree they need to put something in to help the lower class player especially now that the talent system is in as the lvl 50+ can now hit you with a talent that knocks you out of 1-2 turns and by that time your pretty much dead no chance to do anything at all and yeah having specials in the arena shop, crypt shop and normal shop would be good as it helps the ppl who cant afford the big balen packs (not meaning to offend anyone but couldnt find a better way to phrase it) but mainly if they dont start doing something about the battle grounds ppl arent going to even bother doing it and then start leaving the game because there with pretty much be no point coz they have no chance its not fair and really rediculas


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      Battlegrounds level splitting suggestion and alternative timing has been provided many times.
      It has been noted and may be implemented if the developers wanted it.

      Please do visit other threads to read up what has been said, suggested, debated before.
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