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  • BattleGrounds

    I think we sould sperate the Level 40+ Bg into different levels. Like for example: lvl 40-50 ppl in one bg, lvl51-60 in another gruop, lvl61-70 in another gruop and so forth. That way it would be more fair and ppl can get shards,have fun, and battle ppl their own lvl instead of staying inside their base unwilling to come out. Right now theirs lvl 60s killing lvl 50s and 40s. I think its not really fair because lower lvls dont have a chance. So i hope u guys can update the battlegrounds for future and present players to make it more fun and relaxing for all.

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    agreed hehe looks like you beat me to it lolz i just put one up about the same thing lol


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      at last count, 23 threads about the same thing.... try doing a search or looking in suggestions forum, which is the correct forum for things like this
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