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Battle Grounds unplayable for low levels!!

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  • Battle Grounds unplayable for low levels!!

    hey guys i cant be the only one who has noticed but atm the battlegrounds are pretty much unplayable i mean lvl 60+ in with lvl 40-45 its impossible because as soon as the lvl 60's get a hint that your in there they are pretty much fighting eachother for who gets to slaughter them first and then your pretty much a walking target. admins need to put in a seperate battle ground for them so that the lower levels actually have a chance at being able to get kills and to get the crystals. coz atm this game is getting beyond a joke and pretty much not worth playing.. i mean lvl 50+ in the murken forest and fetid swamps is rediculas where is the run and challenge in taking on ppl 9 lvls below you and constintly attacking them when you know there is no effort needed.

    has anyone else noticed this and no i dont want you lvl 60+ crying on here saying its fun for you's coz you can 1 shot kill everyone.

    and admins please do something about it coz i dont think ppl are going to hang around for long if this keeps up.

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    I totally agree, I have quit doing battlegrounds altogether. I am a lvl 49 knight and I can't do ***** in bg because I am contantly being hunted and killed numerous times by players 20+ lvls higher then me. R2 games needs to listen to their players for a change and separate the battlegrounds 30-39, 40-49,50-59 etc. If they don't get this straightened out soon, they are gonna lose alot of players becuase it is so unfair, and no whining from you higher players talking about it is part of the game and **** like that. Lower lvls getting killed by players 20+ levels higher then them is not fair and if you do ***** like that, you ain't nothing but a wimp in good need of a good a$$ kicking. Ya'll just whine about you don't think it should happen because then you won't be able to get the kills your getting now and will have to start attacking ppl closer to your lvl for a change and will have to worry about being hunted like the lower lvls do now. R2 games, you need to get on the ball, do your job and get this game so it is fair to the lower lvls.


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      im a lvl 46 mage with lvl 33 Angels and when lvl 60+ come in with the knights and angels at over lvl60 its impossible to do anything at all i mean i was in a BG today and within 30seconds the gaurdians were gone and the opposite team was sitting at our gates ya know where is the fun and fairness in that seriously where can you go you cant run you cant hide you cant do anything at all is total and utter **! PLEASE admins DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!

      thank you


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        I totally concur, with the way both the bg and the arena are working I personally have stopped going into them. As Guild Master of HellHounds I have set a limit on members doing this. Our rule is no attacking anyone less than 5 levels below. I could see what was going to happen with the new "Talents" being brought in, to me talents seem to be for those that have no talent or ability to win on their own merits.
        R2 you really need to think about this, as has been said you are going to loose players, between this and scripters it no fun to play anymore.
        I would suggest that you block players from using Talents in bg or make a separate area for them.
        As for the wilds, they are a joke! again levels should be separated into areas, only Guild masters or Assistants should be allowed to range through the levels (only to recruit lower level members).
        Higher level players can whinge all they want, you are mostly comming across as loosers! to attack players so such a low level just to increase you honor, well to me you have no honor, and in doing what you are R2 should put in a penalty where the victim gets the rewards!.


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          Hey its been that way forever we high levels suffered the same **** your here talking about and we dealt with it and now we are the ones who get to do it just stop complaining and deal with continue to level and eventually you will be where the high levels are, you seem to forget that everyone that is higher than you went thru the same **** you are now complaining about and omg this **** has already been complained about. Its a part of the game deal with it and play and make the most out of it or dont play at all .


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            yeah but i bet you hated the fact that it happened to you yet you are most likely one of the major ones who does it i mean come on 20+ lvls how the hell is that even fair seriously how would you like it if i came in with 6 of my mates 20+ lvls above you and smashed you to the point where you couldn even get out your gates?? you'd get bored and pretty annoyed wouldn ya yeah you would. and its the fact that now these talents are here the lower levels aren't even a small minute challenge its unfair its ** and its players like yourself who try justify it so you can get to be top of the tables just so you can have you name on WC. the BG need to be seperated into the proper levels so you honorless whimps can fight your own level and have to actually work for your honor instead of smashing the little guy who your character could sneeze on and kill and give them a chance. or put something in where if someone is over 5lvls higher you still get some honor and they lose it or they just get nothing at all.


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              of course you would have to start whining about it sarconwindsong, your a high lvl and you probably attack ppl 20+ levels lower than you as well, it's ppl like you that make this game so NOT fun. You have been through it, you know how it feels, then you should be for it instead of whining about it's part of the game. It is not fair to the lower levels plain and simple. Just about every game available has learned to make things fair, they need to do the same thing with wartune. As I said before, I have never done it when I did bg's and will never do it, I don't care if the only players in bg are ppl 20+ lvls lower then me, I still won't attack them because it is not fair, instead I will just harvest crystals. You can still gain points and honor by harvesting crystal just as you would by killing ppl. If you want to kill ppl stop being a pu$$y and attack ppl closer to your level instead of ppl 20+ lvls below you!!!


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                well said SilverPhoenix84 =) and as we thought the higher lvls are now going to whinge about it because the lower players are now standing up and doing what they couldn't be bothered doing when they were our level.


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                  Battlegrounds splitting suggestions has been discussed and suggested several other threads.
                  Each time a low level player get washed, they come here to open a thread about it.

                  I'm closing this thread. Visit the other threads to carry on your discussion.
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