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  • Guild Contributions

    Let me see if I understand this correctly.
    Being in a Guild is terribly expensive.
    As I understand it, if you want a particular skill at level 1, you must pay 100,000 Gold for that one skill. Any other level 1 skill is anther 100,000.
    For a level 2 skill, you pay 200,000 Gold per skill.
    For level 3, it is 500,000 per skill.
    Am I reading this correctly?????

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    No being in a guild is not terribly expensive. It gives you a safe place to "bank" your money, you don't HAVE to use it. The guild skills are permanent additions to your character and well worth the money to level them up. It doesn't take as long as you think to actually gain the contributions especially if you are doing the Guild Tree and picking up the spawns for contribution points and watching the chamber for invaders to kill for contribution points.

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      yes you are BUT in saying that if you contribute daily your contribution will increase remembering for every 100,000 you get 100 guild contribution but you also get 100 contribution for your use


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        ^ and what he said XD


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          You don't have to contribute if you don't want to.
          Just no skills for you.
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            level one is 200k ( 200 contribution ) level 4 is 2 mill, ( 2k contribution ) level 5 is 3000 etc

            gold boost is different, level 8 will cost me 600

            expensive yes.... but worth it in the long run
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              As has been said, the Guild skills are expensive if you look at the gold amounts & expect to put it all in at once. However for the boost its one of the best uses for gold even outweighing Astrals for the most part on a Gold for boost benefit.


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                well this is the first game i've played where having lots of gold on hand is bad( because of the plunders), hence you always dump it somewhere, be it astrals, contribution, enchanting or wherever else you can think of.
                The point is that you don't save gold here, you spend gold as soon as you get an apropriate amount of it and then prepare for the next time you deem it necessairy to get rid of it.