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(S3) lv50 Legendary stones hunt

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  • (S3) lv50 Legendary stones hunt


    I decided to post it here so we can set up for some really action. I am looking for 3 players lv 50+ with at least 100 skeleton keys. I'd like to set up for a day, when everyone could be online and go GoD nightmare only for summoner. We hunt for legendary stones lv50. To ensure noone gets scammed, we take turns in spawning summoner, so every player would be equal and if someone tries to cheat, he simply gets kicked. I know some trick which makes it quick to clear up summons, in 1 hour we can suck out 400+ keys.

    Anyone wishing to participate, please let me know here, the event takes place after king's bounty event.

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    you would be better using your server world chat
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      That's true, noone besides u answered Topic can be deleted, thank you.