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Quest Discrepancy

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    then go and play WoW


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      there is the difference, WoW is a game designed to have you playing in a world with multiple environments that you can wander through & play as if you're in a new world, you are also paying a monthly subscription fee for that right. Here you are playing one section over & over grinding to get to the next area, you can also play this game for free without spending a dime on it. For the price, its fine, if it goes to a required subscription fee, then you can complain.


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        just use complain, save time. can off computer! so i don see what is the issue about doing repeated quest!


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          Originally posted by Wyerwinn View Post
          Why is the game constantly giving you Quests above your level???
          I have noticed this before. You get a quest, but must advance at least one level to even enter the area.
          Right now I have two Quests, but need to advance two levels before I can go complete them.
          This really doesn't make any sense.
          You wind up going over the same ground time and again just to get XP and level up to go do your Quest.
          can you give an example???


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            Originally posted by R23416833 View Post
            can you give an example???
            Well, right now I have just cracked Lvl 32.
            I have completed the quest for the Delphenian Swamp.
            I have on my Quest log Serenity Lake and the Undead Swamp, for which you must be Lvl 34, at least.

            I mean, this isn't a game killer for me, but it does insure that you go over getting the same things over and again, and obviously you learn to whip the opponents with one hand..


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              It has just occurred to me that with the "Battle Again" and "Blitz" options the Game creators had just this scenario in mind.