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new astrals/item effects ideas

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  • quseio
    started a topic new astrals/item effects ideas

    new astrals/item effects ideas

    i see on the chinese website theres new red astrals comeing, with that in mind id like to see something a bit different the astrals we know but say you could add regen per turn or any number of effects , when doing so you are "blessing" it but it has a chance to become accursed rendering it bad with a bad effect and you have to undo it somehow perhaps by recycleing the astral

    and as for itmes their getting boreing nothing new ever

  • Quietcloak
    I love how he uses level 40 as a base, it took me a whole week to get there lol

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  • Stormaggedon
    Now now, no fair trying to unwrap the 1.5 presents early and getting a peak at them....

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  • Hyorinmaru6
    i say what condor says

    also we do have a HP regain astrals but unfortunately it works differently

    1. Enhanced Blessed health and refined blessed health

    lvl 1 Enhanced blessed health offers 10% chance to get 200 HP when attacking
    lvl 1 Refined blessed health offers 10% chance to get 400 HP when attacking

    both these astrals are great when the player is below lvl 40

    2. Regeneration and Enhanced Regeneration

    lvl 1 Regeneration offers regain HP equivalent to 5% of the damage dealt trigger rate is 10%
    lvl 2 Enhanced Regeneration offers regain HP equivalent to 10% of the damage dealt trigger rate is 10%

    both these astrals are good for AFTER lvl 40 and below lvl 50
    Last edited by Hyorinmaru6; 01-29-2013, 11:33 PM.

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  • CondorHero
    Not sure what you're suggesting.

    But for something like this to be added, please go to 7Road's server and suggest it.

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