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Re: VIP Wheel needs Addrressed

This topic is closed.
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  • Re: VIP Wheel needs Addrressed

    Moderator CondorHero,

    Why did you stop my thread instead of moving it? This issue needs addressed. I was personally asked by GM Zeus in world chat to create this thread in FEEDBACK, Then you come along and CLOSE it!

    By closing it and just redirecting to another link, you demean the importance of my post and others like it. Many other people may have commented on the issue, but we won't know because you're not adding the threads together. So now it shows only 19 posts! (as of this writing)

    Also, you redirect to a link that is under "Game Discussion". This needs to be in the "FEEDBACK" section. The Developers need to see this.

    SODAPOP S-87
    +Ubiquity+ Guild

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    Mmmm havent seen the thread..
    permanent ban those hackers!
    to File ticket/ report suspicious player click link -> :
    how-to-file-ticket-guilde- ->


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      Any time you mention a suggestion to a GM, they will direct you to the forums. The reason the thread was closed and you were directed to use an existing thread is that you mentioned nothing new. The point you are making has been mentioned in every thread about the wheel. And, since there are so many threads, they aren't getting adequate support. It's always better to use an existing suggestion thread and add your support to it than it is to make a new thread.

      However, I don't think Condor realized he directed you to a closed thread.

      There are many open threads on the topic in the suggestions & feedback section already, but none are on the first page when using search. So, for that reason, I will open your thread and I will ask Condor to use that thread when redirecting new thread starters.

      I'm going to close this thread, since the other will be open, so it doesn't turn into a discussion about the wheel.
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