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Wb dead in 6mins

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  • Wb dead in 6mins

    Well our server just merged with server 15 and I have to same is holy ****.. No body has a chance to make anything on the wb's anymore after you see this screenshot i took. i mean I used to get like 1.5% at least on the morning boss and like around 2.5 to 3% on the 4pm boss but I bet I won't even make to that today. But anyways check this out.

    Now as you see that this was getting hit for like 550 to 700k+ per turn resulting death in 6 minuetes for the WB. So what I suggest since the server has merged why not raise the HP to like say another 50mil at least that way some of us that are around lvl 60 that supposed to be able to hit 1% can hit 1%. Thank you.
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    That happens whenever a server is merged. They do that like they do when you start a new server. The boss hp is reset to very low. Then after the first day or so it sees how strong the players are and how fast you can kill it. Then the hp will rise to accommodate the strength of players.


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      Wow! That Is Crazy.


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        the world boss hp gets raised when the boss is killed under a certain amount of time, it's raised by a set amount each time. Just be patient and it will be at a normal hp for the merge in a few days


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          When a world boss is killed within 10min, next world boss will have higher HP. Be patient, it's gonna rise in hp soon.
          (if the 16.00 boss is killed within 10min, ONLY the 16.00 bosses will be affected, ONLY)
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            will update in 1-2 days. Same happened in our server
            Don't worry
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              Ok thanks guy I didn't now. Good to know
              ImmortalSoul: S9
              Mage: Lvl 76