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Leveling low level TROOPS

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  • Leveling low level TROOPS

    Anyone ever tried to level up Hunter or some other low level troops?

    I really want to know how strong will be for example lvl 50 Hunter.

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    Well, lvl 30 hunter is about as strong as a lvl 20 paladin, which is about as strong as a lvl 10 griffon, which is about as strong as a lvl 5 knight.

    And pattern holds lvl 50 hunter...about as strong as a lvl 25 knight?

    Just hover over upgrade and do some math, the stats the troops get on lvl never changes.


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      compare the base stats of others to some of the higher level one, the higher level ones have a fairly large boost over the lower ones, so I doubt they'd become useful as they leveled.


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        Hmm thats shame becouse i really love speciality of Priests and Hunters.

        They should give em some boost at higher levels.


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          Lowlevel troops will NEVER match up to knights..... better optimize the use of your daru
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