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Gemology and the Blacksmith

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  • Gemology and the Blacksmith

    You know, somebody's math really stinks here.
    In the Blacksmith's Shop, if you want a Lvl 3 Physical Attack Gem, you must use 4 Level 2 Gems to convert it.

    Now a Level 2 is +64, do 4 would be = 256

    A level 3 Gem is only +84

    That math doesn't add up, folks.

    I'd rather go around with a bunch of little ones.

    I think they need to RE-think that.....

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    4 lvl 1's is 128 & takes up 4 slots
    2 lvl 2's is 128 & takes up 2 slots
    2 lvl 3's is 168 for 2 slots
    2 lvl 4's is 224 for 2 slots
    2 lvl 5's is 352 for 2 slots

    you get much more from higher levels for fewer slots used, mind you unless you get legend equipment you only have max 3 slots on any single peice of gear. Also your example of 4 lvl 2's is just barely better than 2 lvl 4's & is a long way short of 2 lvl 5's.


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      Ahhh, a good way to look at it!!!!!