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world boss difficulty

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  • world boss difficulty

    i really think something needs to be fixed in world boss in regards to player speed or wb speed of attack. for some reason now i am only able to do 5 moves plus my super. the feedback i am getting from guildmates is similar although most knights are saying they are getting 6 moves before the super. i am pretty sure that i used to be able to double attack much easier. What gives R2?
    i spoke with a guildmate that lags bad and he is doing the same amount of attacks. that shouldnt be the case guys. if ppl are lagging dont change the game to make it more fair for these ppl.

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    sorry, but R2 should not change the game for lagging players ???? R2 has done no such thing.....

    if players can hit 6 hits and you can't, quess where the problem lays.... and its not with R2 or the wb
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