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VIP token suggestions

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  • VIP token suggestions

    I`m not sure if this has been looked at before but if so I couldn`t find it so if it has sorry

    VIP tokens wonderful little coins right? Get 2 for free from the arena rewards or MP dungeon rewards or just pick them up while blitzing, go to the VIP wheel, insert 2, spin and like the Guild Blessing Wheel something pops out, the perfect system , if your not VIP you can still sell them...for 10 gold each...

    I say that non-VIPs should either not get them, or have some options as to what we can do with them such as:

    Sell them: exactly the same as now, except more gold, because 10 gold isn`t gonna buy even useless junk

    Exchange them: make some kind of exchange system. Example: 10 VIP tokens=1 Random lvl.2 Gem Box, 50 VIP tokens=lvl.3 rune box (contains 5-10 lvl.3 runes of random type), 1000 VIP tokens=1-day of VIP status and its perks, 5000 VIP tokens=shop voucher for 1 free shop item

    VIP wheel: why give us the tokens without access to the very thing they`re meant for?

    Or simply don`t give them to non-VIPs, its getting annoying
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    i agree give us an incentive to want them


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      Save them en masse and hope for a VIP trial card.