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New title for non-casher

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  • New title for non-casher

    well there is 3 tiltles in Wartune:
    No. 1 Guild Master (no. 1 guild of GB)
    No. 1 Strongest Balen Warrior (no. 1 BR)
    Most Well-received Warrior (no. 1 charm)

    so can you add one more title that is called "No. 1 Strongest Non-balen Warrior" ? As there is still lots of non-casher, and they seems to be never had these titles. This title may give some hope to non-cashers.
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    Noncasher means not a single balen consumed?
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      means not even free balen? LOL


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        strongest balen warrior ??? screenshot that for me please...
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          It's "Balenor's Strongest Warrior" the name of the world not the fact that someone did or didn't use balens......... It's granted to the highest BR person on each server.

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            I think that is his point, that the number 1 BR on every server is someone who has spent balens and usually a lot.

            But i disagree because it would be difficult where to draw the line. Someone who has spent zero balens to someone who has done the offers for balens such as watching videos.


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              Balenor's is not ballens. . Balenor's is the world of this wartune players. Stronger balenors warrior it means the 1st in BR ranking in your server. It's him / her the first and anounced when he/she got online


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                .. balens...

                Same thing?
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                  "Balenors Number 1 Strongest Cheapest Player"?
                  "Balenors Number 1 Unable to buy Player"
                  "Balenors Number 1 Non-Payer"
                  "I've ran out of ideas"
                  (I do not mean any of the names as an insult. I DO NOT)
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