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Tell the developer to balance classes please

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    Originally posted by Rex_Typhoon View Post
    I personally like the rock/paper/scissors aspect. Mage bests knights, knights chew archers, archers crush mages (at least that is how it appears on our server). Sucks for individual PvP in SP Duels (but hey, you get to choose one out of four, and if you don't like your odds, log out of the SP Arena and jump back in for new choices) or in BGs, but for Guild or Arena - it works for me.

    That said, everyone knows that Archers rule against WB, and (at least on my server) the knight has the best chance of being second. Mages don't seem to rate on the top 10 - EVER. I know some who get the killing blow...but I never see them rate at all.
    S1 wow mmmmm

    well its not only ur server its on my server too

    1 difference in WB is the top 3 goes for the top 3 of each class

    top archer is number 1
    top mage is number 2
    top knight is number 3

    if none of them mess up

    hehehe well thats how WB is and if someone does mess well top knight over takes both of them by 2% advantage which is kinda hard to beat

    as for the rock paper scissors = class hehehe made me laugh
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      and another one of those topics regarding classes...every class has it's pros and cons so stop complaining, you wanna have the perfect class to play with?...quit the game and make your own game and stop complaining about it. If you know how to build your class then you shouldn't have any problems. and theory isn't always like reality so get used to it.

      In theory knights kill archer, archers kill mages and mages kill knights...well let me tell you a story it doesn't always happen that way and it is not the fault of an unbalanced class that the game may have, it's because every player has it's own tactic on how to play and on how to build their toon. An advice build your class better and you'll be able to give a good fight to the one your are fighting and to yourself.

      Conclusion is this start getting your stats up, try to figure out a skill combo that suits you and stop complaining about unbalanced classes cause like i said at the start ALL classes have pros and cons.


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        I don't know how good knights compare to mages on world boss. The entire top 10 is all archers on S61 +s58 merge where the players are all in low or mid 60s at the top. The only mages or knights that show refresh balens repeatedly to do it and that is just a couple of them or so per boss.

        And archers do not need a buff against mages. If the mage is beating the archer he just plays his character better. As a mage I have pretty high pdef which I focused on and that helped a lot but most mages my level and similar br don't have so much. With archers as well sometimes the targeting favors them and they will focus on me more than my troops which can result in more inconsistent results than with knights. Knights I have an easier time with generally.
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