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GM or Moderator add level 60 and up areas

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  • GM or Moderator add level 60 and up areas

    Erandel is getting very crowded as you can see and S1 Temple of Ibalize is a very highly populated server with cashiers and non cashiers playing. Very soon they are going to be level 80's still stuck in a level 50 area and more level 50 joining the map. Thier isn't enough gold mines or mobs to sustain the population let alone the server population is too high. We suggest R2 create a level 61-70 map and a level 71 and up map to lower the population of Erandel. Even though were not a merged server we still have alot of members in one area. Please Gm or Mod Create a new map for people higher then 61.

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    these guys cant fix a ticket let alone a map lol


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      agreed turbo, I have heard more and more players talking about issues such as mine stealing etc.....
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        New maps are up to 7roads to add in.

        What we can help is to feedback to r2 to take this into account when considering merges.
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          Can't R2 instead of making new, just make it larger? Shouldn't be a problem... should it?
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            Well please don't on other servers. I am on merged S58 and S61 and it is still unpopulated in erandel even though there are a lot of players in the 60s now. It is time consuming enough to find people to plunder.


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              I had a level 57 mine got stolen cause not enough mines. I leave the level 60 and 59 mines to level 70 and up players.


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                I had someone steal a mine while I was standing there.. I took it right back then thanked them for their coords

                But yes it can be hard to find people to plunder when the level differences are so wild. And lately I am finding more and more higher level players scattered throughout all the maps. They'd rather be big fish in small pond than small fish in big pond.

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                  well i think the lower lvl mines shouldn't be there cause anyway everyone goes for the lvl 60 mines right

                  so why is here lvl 50s and 59 mines which nobody wants

                  it would be best to remove them and replace with 60s mines only

                  its not like u can't beat those mobs cause the mobs and boss in those mines are weak who u can 1 hit kill easily

                  well other than that as per the topic of this thread

                  mm well a new map currently doesn't exist in the 7 roads version so until it does we can't have one but no need to worry i am sure it will be made soon cause lvl 60 mines for a lvl 80 is a hard thing to handle

                  as for r2 i think r2 can increase the size of Erandel and its mine rate a whee bit

                  i hope r2 can cause its way to crowded over there
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                    I don't mind if someone took my mine because of there is no mine left.
                    but this..
                    1. they are lazy always don't want to walk around the map and find one. they think i got those mines easy? we are in the same map. if you don't find one quickly, it's your fault.
                    2. they simply want to occupy someone's mine to make them feel bad or show off their BR. who cares u got nice br and can defeat me? u just a weak player that barely can't defeat same lvl. You will get what u done to me even not from me.

                    So,i will be pretty much appreciated if r2 can increase the map quickly. the reason to make the map stop at 60 is to make it happen like above those two? If not, your purpose for mine has been unsuccessful. do something about this fast.
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                      Most players who don't have the BR go back to Deathly.