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Floating Damage astral.

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  • Floating Damage astral.

    Is that a good astral to be use for Knight? need help here. TY.

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    Personally I think this astral sucks.
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      you have a natural range of 90-110% for damage this Astral enlarges the range if it's 20% you may do 70-130% damage I don't like the idea of sometimes doing very small damage so I say no.


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        For a Knight? OH YES! WE ALL REST WILL LOVE IT! I suggest you don't use it.

        Also as above post saying.


        You have 7 astrals you want to use in 70.

        Patt, Pdef, Mdef, Goddess Blessing, Will Destroyer, Illusion, Block.

        I do not see any floating in these, do you?. No.

        (Also note that you're supposed to use of these astrals in your way to 70 (maybe a HP before 30)
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          given that you have such limited space for astrals, it's hard to make a case to keep this one, or any of the random chance ones except enhanced illusion (at least lvl4) no matter what class hero you are. smoldering's list is spot on for what a knight should be looking to acquire.


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            this astrall would be one of best if it reduce the floating damage.


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              it is a Gamble Astral if u use it ur Dmg will always be floating to Min dmg to Max Dmg depends on astrals %
              Personally i like this astral cuz im Archer But i think this astras is good in WB i always use it in that event and in long term fights such as Cata Bosses and MPs
              but for PvP i dont think so i use Determination. (but sometimes i forgot to change astrals and i use it in PvP and it works good "SOMETIMES" but sux mostly lolol)
              but as i say its Pretty much Gamble Astral...

              and yes im a knight in my other server and i use it there occasionally
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                A question for Smoldering - i your list I didn't see Sniper's Edge. You're saying a Knight shouldn't try to get this one? If so, why?


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                  I do not say a knight should get one @.@ Don't you see the Will Destroyer in the list :P It removes crit entierly. So why would you wear a crit astral if you can't crit?
                  S166. lvl: 78(soon/is)
                  Mage: Existence (G.M)
                  BR: 113k-ish 70 set's done!!