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Gm or MOd please increase participant list to 100

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  • Gm or MOd please increase participant list to 100

    It would be best to increase the guild battle participants to 100 cause i know when guilds have total members of 200 and only 50 members can get in. Whats been happening is people have been getting kicked from thier guild 15 minutes prior to guild war joining an inactive guild like a guild that only has like 15 members and all of sudden they have 50 members pulling people from different guilds and they will guarantee the win instead of losing to a guild that has full members. Then after the guild war they get kicked again from the guild participating in the guild war and they rejoin thier original guild. I think an exploit or cheating is being used here to cause a guild to win even though they have few members. How to fix the problem is increase the guild particpation list to have a maximum of 100 members to fight and have total members to fight in one round is 9. So instead of 4 versus 4 they can have 9 guild members against 9 of the other team. I know one strong player can take out 4 members easily but can one player take down 9 players on the other team. It would make an interesting battle. 1 vs 9. Teams wouldn't be able to win so easily and it would lessen the people being kicked joining a guild then getting kicked back to join original guild. Inactive guilds wouldn't be able to pull so many people so they wouldn't have it easy of winning and might actually lose.

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    Turbo, I can understand your frustration over losing to "inactive guilds," but I am not sure that you have properly thought out suggestion. A better suggestion would likely be to add a cooldown to kicked members before they can join another guild. While in theory increasing the battle list to 100 would be helpful for guilds that are full of active participants, there are many guilds that at the core only have a few members that can make it to guild battles and this would just bury them further against the overwhelmingly populated guilds. While you would be able to get your easy wins against the weaker guilds, the mid tier guilds will suffer as the most powerful guilds gain a strength in numbers that cannot be combated with clever strategies, often the only way to win against superior numbers and power. The battleground is self is not exceptionally large, only slightly larger than the normal battleground, and that battleground only supports 30 people, and even then you are piling on top of each other. Think for yourself about how the most populated guilds can simply clog the spawn with 50 of their people and use the other 50 to secure a quick win with no distractions from those pesky "inactive" teams that would have at least some chance if they could get out. The clog of people would also be far more likely to induce massive amounts of lag and turn guild battles from something that can be enjoyable to a insane cluster of rubber-banding horses. Also, you have suggested that the number of people in battle be increased to 9. This means that in the most powerful guilds, that could already field 50 strong people, they can now attach 9 of those people to each tower, effectively securing a permanent hierarchy in guild battles that will take even longer for other guilds to overcome. Think of the most powerful guilds being able to spare those 36 people and not caring because they have another 64 to assault the ward and completely fill the enemy ward area to the point of completely overwhelming them. So, before you make a suggestion to fix the problem with "inactive" guilds, I suggest that you think your suggestion through and realize the impact on the even as a whole and simply not the fact that your guild in it's specific situational niche will be better off. I hope you have a wonderful day.
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      all player deserves the gb reward thats the only way they can get it. instead of increasing gb participants it would be better if there is limit for guild member,,, lets say 80 member/guild.
      the game will be more balanced and also less lagg.


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        No. Just no.

        Sorry man, no hate here, but this is a terrible, terrible idea. The lag is a tremendous factor, servers as it stands now can scarcely handle the 50 vs. 50 Guild set-up we currently have, 100 vs. 100 would practically crash every Guild Battle, if not the whole of the servers. R2 has yet to take my or anyone else's suggestions for more Towers to increase bandwidth production, so to make a move like this would be career suicide for them. As well, I've been involved in too many battles at Mystery Towers where, upon finishing one battle with a win, I'm instantly pulled into another with no down-time in between to catch my breath. 9v9 in individual fights, are you serious? That's practically impossible for one thing, it'd be nearly impossible to code without a million other things being broken in the process. It's hardly an exploit either, if you have a full roster but would like to participate in Guild Battle, you ask your Guild Master to kick you and you ask to be invited in for one fight one night. It hardly makes or breaks a Guild's chances with a couple of people jumping in, there's never a real guarantee it will work.

        Sensibility is key to any game's success, there's no sensibility here so R2 would be better off not implementing this, if for no other reason than to prevent them going into bankruptcy because all their players quit.
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          It's a nice idea... has its good and bad sides.
          Good: More people with more rewards.
          Bad: Lag, more overrun (smaller guilds)
          If people are desperate enough to join other guilds, it might even out guild strength and give other guilds a chance. But what annoys me is the top guild tried to talk me into taking its guild members and how they'd be in belong to both guilds. (then proceeds to tell me how he'd send the lower levels over)
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            I dislike this idea. It is bad enough as it is with 2 guilds dominating almost every server and this would add incentive to make the 2 big guilds even bigger. If anything the guilds need to be smaller and have a lower cap on them.

            My cpu also cannot handle guild battle well and after 5minutes I am freezing up.

            If not enough people are going to guild battles and really need to then they should leave and start a new guild. Would be nice to have more than 1 real battle a week for guild battle.


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              bad idea

              lag n cant move at all .... just think about swamp of ppl u cant move . u struck there forever in n out of battle.

              suggestion: rewards do not give out asap after GB.
              only given after reset. that will slow the process of ppl moving around. n why fight for a battle with late rewards


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                worst idea ever... even the connection can't handle it.


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                  if you run game booster by razor and add mozilla firefox to the list of programs to run game booster you will reduce your lag no matter how many people are in guild war. Any connection can handle the game. You just need the program to make it run more smoothly. You just need a fast connection cable modem not dsl. Using a phone line to connect to the internet even if its high speed doesn't help as much.


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                    increase guild battle participants to 150.


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                      Umm No, just no. It's hard enough some battle days to have 50 online let alone 100 or 150.

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                        moving to suggestions and feedback
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                          the best way is that u divide teams like(if the members r out numbered)u can set them as 50 on Mon and Wed and others on Fri and Sat this way u can balance it by high level players and low level players
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                            or not have super guilds which everyone wants to be in. limit the number of space in a guild to 75 max.
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