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Balance of honor loss in Battle Grounds between ranks!!!!

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  • Balance of honor loss in Battle Grounds between ranks!!!!

    First, I am writing this here because R2 recommended me to do so(Their response to my ticket). I am asking, seeking a response to why it is 2 Crusaders w/ similar BR's fight in Battle Ground, and the loser of the fight loses 87 honor, and the winner get 73 honor, then the 2 said Crusaders fight again, and the roles are reversed, and the winner only getting 35 honor, and the loser only losing 10 honor, how is this so? Does having the blessing matter? This happened to me, and am attempting to figure out why, when I have asked many people about it, and they say it shouldn't matter if both have same rank, or very close BR's. Please assist me in understanding, because it seems R2 wants us to solve alot of the issues on our own, which does make sense, but at same time they should at least still offer to assist more, then putting us off, and always sending us here.

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    You lose more honor when you die to someone with lower honor. Vice versa.
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      its not based on honor rank its based on how much honor you have vs the other player you both could have same rank but one having 20k more honor he will lose a lot more then the other person would if he lost.


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        Finally some proper answers, instead of ridicule!


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          You guys should really fix that concept, cause it is a little ridiculous!!!


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            hmm, what i find ridiculous is not that u lose honor when ur killed by someone with lower honor, but that sometimes the higher ranked person loses some 300+ honor while the lower rank one only gets some 100-200 honor.


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              Its becouse honors need get, if one kill him get like mutch some hime lose, no honors should leav this game should only be exchanges.

              Get VIP 9 and you dont lose honor if you die whatever for rank you have.
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