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  • Cross Server Arena

    Something needs to be done about the matching system. And before i get all the sore loser comments let me get it straight i do not mind losing hard fought battle's they are still fun. But when you come up against players with 10-15k more br than you there is nothing remotely fair or fun about that and when it happens day after day 25 out of 30 matchs thats just a huge load of **. Fix what you have before you add all the new wonderful content.
    At least help us understand exactly how the teams are matched is it highest BR, average BR or level and BR

    Server 48/55

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    I agree about the matching system. This morning we saw a team that was on server 111 or 113,We are from S9, anyway, they had lvl 45 pvp set only, against a team of 3 lvl 70 at 60k+ BR. Far from being fair or fun for the other team, and not even fun for us, what's the fun into 1 shotting another team? No fun at all. I'd prefer fighting some NPCs which stats would be generated from our own stats rather than bullying for people 20 levels lower than us.
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      Lol yeah I hate fighting super strong people that just seriously own you in one turn or just fighting lower br'd people cuz I can't help but feel bad for them. :/
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        Fortunately it is far better than what it was before cross-server. Generally speaking most of the teams I fight are not too far off so we have decently fought battles. Every now and then is a complete *** moment on how we could be matched where we 1 shot a team or they have someone far above us in br. I am curious as to how things are matched though. I was always told it was a combination of averaging the br and level but that is rather vague and if it was an average then why is a level 55 with 2 level 35 gears getting matched with someone about the same br as the 55. I have helped people in the 35 sets before and I come across the same teams I fight when I am with my regular group of all around 40k-45kbr.

        I've helped groups who ask me to take off some of my gear to have a closer br to them but this doesn't make a difference and we just get groups similar to my normal br.


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          Even though it matches BR and levels, doesn't mean you can always get matched with teams close to your team's BR (or average, I have no information on this).

          If you get matched with teams too far off, you may want to wait 30 seconds before pressing start again so that some certain teams you want to avoid maybe matched with others close to them instead.

          My team with average BR of 46k, get matched with players in the range of 30k BR to 60k BR from time to time, and we have to live with that. It's much better than before when you have a team of top 3 players in the server wiping out every other teams right?

          PS: Hi to Biggy, you knocked our team so badly it hurts. My butt is still sore.
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