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What Should A Level 42 Knight do?

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  • Echo3
    started a topic What Should A Level 42 Knight do?

    What Should A Level 42 Knight do?

    Okay, so this is what my skills look like at level 42.

    Slasher Level 4
    Ultimate Slasher Level 4
    Delphic Destroyer Level 2
    Divine Blessing Level 2
    Enhanced Block Level 2
    Heart Of Rage Level 2
    Combat Master Level 3

    I also have 2 unused skill points.

    I don't mind waiting until level 50-55 before using more skill points if it means it will help at all. I'd like to know what is the best route to take for adding skill points from here on. Again, I don't mind saving my skill points until level 50-55. Once again, I am a level 42 knight.

    Thanks in advance for your input!

  • Tyresome
    I'm a lvl 50 knight in a pretty new server. Currently working on my talents for another day and then Im lvling up again.
    My pvp skill set is as follows:
    Slasher lvl 5
    Ulti slasher lvl 5
    DD lvl 3
    Agoran shield lvl 2/3
    Whirlwind lvl 1/4, currently only enhancing this one until i max it out at lvl 56
    Divine blessing lvl 2
    Enhanced block lvl 2
    Heart of rage lvl 2
    Combat master lvl 3

    Now that was only for pvp, I have another skilltree with all the passives maxed and aims to have apollo shield maxed out at lvl 54, this skillset Ill use for the high lvl dungeons later. I have no regrets on resetting my skills to this. The pvp set is very effective because it offers a lot of dmg and flexibility in rage consumption. I must admit having the whirlwind at lvl 1 is a bit hard when battling mages so you might be able to switch 1 or 2 skillpoints from ulti to whirlwind.

    Hope I helped a bit.

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  • Echo3
    Originally posted by R28706953 View Post
    there are a few Guides here in the guide section, they could help you

    Originally posted by alveolate View Post
    this is definitely FAR from "everything" you need to know about knights... granted it was posted 1 year ago, but even then... the skill guide is quite frankly abysmal. "put 1 point in everything" is DEFINITELY not a guide. the astrals "guide" gives advanced players some ideas to think about, but for a newcomer, it would be completely illegible!.

    The skills part of the guide for knights only very briefly touches up on skills, is incomplete, only refers to one move that should be gotten for help with the world boss, and is in my opinion does not seem like the right/very smart thing to do.

    I'd like to know what the best skills are to level up, in what order, why, and what they are good for.
    Last edited by Echo3; 02-03-2013, 10:29 PM.

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  • R28706953
    there are a few Guides here in the guide section, they could help you

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  • Kitwritten
    moving to game discussion

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