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Young Guilds and No Goods

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    Originally posted by Bobbodiddy View Post
    guess you will really be upset after 1.5 patch when it becomes the top 8 guilds for guild battle and not top 16

    I'm currently a lvl 53 in one of top 3 guilds, not worried at all, just trying to look out for the little guy


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      well i was playing on the first wartune server for armor games, during the first bg week our guild joined up with what became the top guild, i ended getting kicked for dumb reason and made a guild of my own a few days later cause i thought for sure that i woudl be able to get back in. anyways say 3 weeks after the game came out for armorgames i only had a few people i knew from other games on there in my guild we managed to get to lvl 3/4 but were still ranked over 100+. anyways if you hold a guild battle every single day my guild probable still won't have been in it 2 to the 7th power = 128 guilds could compete. i think one of the games biggest incomes would be cashiers buying soul shard or whips. i would be happy to get 70 whips a week + ranking rewards but most likely they would reduce all the rewards