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Mount Training Whips Available (Where to purchase?)

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  • Mount Training Whips Available (Where to purchase?)

    I read somewhere on the forum mount training whips are available for purchase for 35 balens each. Is this still happening and if so where can I find it?

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    You don't purchase the whips you purchase the traning and yes it's still available, just click your stables and select train, it will tell you that you will be using balens yadda yadda.

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      it was a event, its over and done with.....
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        If you have balen and you press the 'Train' mount button on the Mount interface, it will automatically consume 35 balen for a whip. You can not buy a whip; but you can train your mount (= whip) for 35 balen each
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          yes but be careful when training with a whip. if you run out and keep clicking you will automatically lose your balens. there is no warning message that pops up. i just wasted close to 400 balens while training.