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  • A list of suggestions.


    1. Fix Therion Sand Rider bug, since even they lose the mount they still keep the stats unless they train their mounts using whips / balens.

    2. Make BG accordingly to level 30-39, 40-49, 50-59 and so on. - Done.

    3. Arena needs to get fixed or changed, make the pairings fair, make it depend on BR or level.

    4. Increase the amount of people that can join Guild Battles.

    5. It would be totally appreciated that if you increase World Boss HP higher than it is now.

    6. Add more slots for planting crops.

    Those are the current list of the most wanted stuffs to get fixed / implemented by R2Games staff team. Since I am supporting it I may as well give an explanation on WHY it should be done A.S.A.P.

    1. The Therion Sand is already a big boost, having like 3 people ( considering that they passed it on 3 people ) getting the +100 stat boost totally ruins gameplay for the Rank 2 - Rank 3 guilds since they won't stand a chance against someone who has Therion Sand, unless the one who has it is a total noob that doesn't know how to use the benefits from Therion Sand well.

    2. Since if you reach 40, you get to join BG for high lvls even 60+ are there, in short you are gonna be forced to just afk and wait for a team to win the BG. No shards gained = no battleground chest. No honor gained= gonna have a hard time to get better medallions. - No longer needed.

    3. It's not fun getting players who has 2x your lvl and 2x your BR, just saying. Less insignia gained= gonna have a hard time getting PVP set / Medallions / Royal Steed Shards.

    4. Since certain servers have high population, and for example a guild that has 60-70 average people online, its kinda sad that some people won't get the benefits of joining a guild battle.

    5. Lets say a server has an average of 300 people online. And among those 300, lets say 100 joins WB. If you are on a server where a lot of casher exists, and that certain server has like 50% people are on 55+ the World Boss will die before you can even do 10 runs. I've seen our World Boss die in like 5 minutes since Top 1- Top 10 in WB had 6 cashers on it, and 3 of those cashers were Archers. I suggest to make it around 200,000,000 HP or more.

    6. Why not? Everyone loves farm. 8D
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    I'm not saying I disagree with you, but let me point out some counter points to specific points you raised.

    2. While I agree that it is a bit of a bollocks to run in the BGs when you are grossly outmatched (hell, I spent today being an archer's pincushion because he was 8 levels higher than me), to say that you have to AFK and can't get shards is, pardon my French, **. I run BGs all the time and I go out of my way to get my shards - today I was able to make two boxes actually (had a run of Superior Ore that was nice) despite being targeted by a punk who has to use their video-game character to prove how big they are because in real life they are probably a closet loser who ... *ahem* sorry, getting a little emotional there. My point is, if you choose not to participate in the BG, you choose not to; being overwhelmed hasn't stopped me or 90% of my guildies. If life gives you lemons, you just keep grabbing them until you can synthesize a box out of them ... or something like that.

    Seriously though, unless the guys you're up against are real douches (and it is possible), most will at least let you grab crystals first and then save you the trip back by ganking your *** en route. Remember, you lose Star Points, not honour (unless you're Crusader or higher).

    3. While I agree that the matching system needs fixing, the minimum insig you get from MP Arena is 160 (5 per fight x 30, +10 for Arena Party Challenge). If you add in BGs, you get another 60 (2 x 30 for losing) for a total of 220 Insignia a Day. Considering you have 10 levels to go in between PvP gear sets, I think you're okay getting stuff.

    4. I can't say I've seen a single guild max out its participants in Guild War, but that might be because our Server is not as good as others. That said, you should take into account server load and lag-based issues as well as DC's that will come by boosting the number of active participants. *shudders to think of being spawn-camped by 75 or even 100 opposing Guild Members*

    5. Considering that when I do damage to Redroga Drake, 260 000 = .1%, I think it is safe to assume the total health of the WB is 260 000 000 already. So that particularly request is already in place. While I'm sure raising it to a higher level would be nice for higher levels, what I have noticed is that as I last longer I do more damage and get less chances - this balances me out with lower level players who go many times (and thus can collect the WB 20 attacks a day quest) and do less damage, but get more XP for it through the quest itself. Raising the Boss' health just winds up pushing higher levels further out of reach. Oh, and an added note - we regularly have 450-500 on the WB.

    But maybe my server is different than yours.
    Finagle's Law - Anything that can go wrong will normally go wrong in the worst possible way.

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      My replies are base on your replies, in order.

      1. Douches will always be there, an online game isn't an online game without them. Me and some players have been on a tough situation where we get attacked near our Paladin Guardian and we couldn't even reach on getting shards.

      2. Since I am talking about level 40s Valor Set costs 600 for Helm, 500 for Brooch, 1100 for weapon and 800 for armor and in total that's 3k Insignias, so lets say you got 220 Insignia since you and your team members were so unlucky and so noob you lost all 30 fights you had, but wait! Omg you were so lucky your guild master added you on GB and still you lost, oh ****! 3000 / 720, you need to spend about 4 days for that, but since GB is only on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday in short it would take you 1 week shortest and you are not sure that your Guild Master would let you join all of those battles.

      Now lets add Medallion price judging you are still saving for Valor Set since you are lvl 40, you are still probably around Private / Champion rank, so that's 1000 or 1200 Insignia, I know this is optional since you can just play without a Medallion ( and you lose HP ) and just wait patiently to get your hands on one.

      3. I have not given a specific number on how much increase it should be, as far as I am concern 60-65 is already enough for an increase. 70 would be a bit dumb, beyond 80 is insane.

      4. See, while I stated that 100 joins, I am quite sure the HP of the WB goes down like a loading bar? Please don't say that you can actually do 10 runs with 450-500 players joining WB on your server, since in my server the WB dies fast and we only have like 71 lvl 55s-60s and about 20 of them ARE not even that quite active. I am quite sure you are from S1 since you have it on your siggy, your WB should die fast since the top 1 - top 10 highest BRs there have 2x compared to us.

      Btw I am from S72, so I am not sure how things goes there on S1, but I am quite sure that you guys have more cashers than we do.


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        Replies to your replies to my replies to your OP.

        1. Yeah, we've had that too. But does it happen all the time? I think not. As well, you can take the 5 min leaving penalty and log into another BG if the one you're currently in is full of ******-baggery.

        2. How long do you think it takes to level? Assuming you're playing hardcore enough to level fast, you're getting in your minimums and it takes more than 10 days to level from 35 to 45. Heck, it took me 6 days to go from L48-L50 and I had the benefit of having 100 Enhanced Bounty Scrolls of which I used 20 a day (1.5M XP per day over 5 days). I think you have plenty of time to get your sets and your medallions. It's much harder to get your Crypt Tokens for your 50 sets than it is to get your Insig for your PvP gear. And I wasn't even including the Guild War.

        3. Fair enough.

        4. I got 11 runs out of the WB today and I'm L50. So I am actually saying I get 10 runs (assuming lag/DCs don't knock me down and out, which they have done) in when I'm on for WB. Maybe our guys aren't as active or maybe it's because I'm doing the 2200h WB and all the high level players are in bed because it's past their bed times, but we have 450+ and I get in 10 runs. Maybe I'm lucky.
        Finagle's Law - Anything that can go wrong will normally go wrong in the worst possible way.

        Kabam Server 1 - US West
        Guild: MntyPython

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          1. I was talking about Honor and Shards, not just shards. Heck, that would take like a lot of time to get Crusader by then, you need to have 32000 honor for Crusader, since we didn't add Guild Battle, you can only get a maximum of what? 180 honor if your team wins, and I kinda forgot how much you get if you lose if I am not mistaken it was 40?

          It takes time to find a new BG and farm shards, but it would take forever for you to get Crusader and above if this continues on, you clearly missed the point about Honor and just focused on shards by the way, lol.

          2. Yes, it does take 1 lvl per day if you are in the range of 35-45 and about 2 days or so if you are on 46+, but may I remind you that getting the set early helps a lot sir. It takes time to enchant your set based on your level. Smart players would start working on enchanting and refining their gears while they are still like 2-3 levels away from the level they need to wear it, and only an idiot ( sorry for the word, but this is the best way to describe one. ) would work on it when they are already on the level to equip it.

          3. I was gonna leave it to R2Games to decide on how much space they can add anyways.

          4. On certain servers its either 1st or last WB is the best one, but if you are very unlucky and the hardcore players / cashers are all online, 300k gold / daru gained is already worth showing off.


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            2. You complain battel ground that you face higher lvl as type lvl 40 can meet lvl 50 but you do not complain to get join GB where type only high lvl players are there you still most likely can not kill someone in and gets killed in a shoot where do you want to go but you do not want to go in battel ground? Explain to me.


            3. And why should them try to BR, i can see alot of lvl 50 people have lower br that i do do am was lvl 45 now am 49, some 45 i can killed a lvl 50. Bad gear no gems low slots in gear for get more gem. But them can still own a lvl 45 gear to if you dont have it are them still hard to kill. Even if them maby have same BR some you.


            4. No hell is alot of lag alredy some it is me 100 people think you about 200 should not be playabel.

            2 top guild its take top 50 players, if you play in a top guild and meat a weak team we do like that take 30 top players and give 20 random to other players.

            And its you job to work so you charter become strong and get a safe spot to GB.


            5. Yes hell i love to see them rise hp one World boss in my server my guild own this boss kill him before 5m is hard now get higre that 1.2-1.5% if man use 100% and revive. Otherwise you never get higre that maby 0.4-0.5% before him is dead for a month ago i get 1% easy with out higre that 50% boost and non revive.

            This HP helth was maked for low lvl like lvl 30-40 players.


            6. Yes i need to see more space for seed and select buttons for hidden or show balance or gold seed.

            No pain no gain.
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              ****, I can't understand your point LOL, but here goes my explanation.

              1. How should Guild Battle be related to Battlegrounds? Comparing them is totally stupid, of course everyone can join Guild Battle unless you expect a Guild Battle having different places for members depending on level? I don't know if you are trolling or something, but excuse me for the word this is clearly dumb.

              2. Another one that I can barely understand -_-' .. Okay, so the point is you have higher than some lvl 50 players when you were still 45, grats but I would like to remind you this wasn't made only for you, so your argument is invalid sir.

              Okay ****, I give up I can't understand what the hell you are talking about LOL.


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                Did you not read that the BG will be partition up in the next patch?

                Your agony is understood.
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                  Returning to Post #5...

                  1. I'm not ignoring honour; you need 32 000 honour to hit Crusader Level to purchase your L65 PvP kit; assuming you start BGs fairly early, I'm not seeing a major concern on reaching that point. The minimum honour is something like 30 or 40 (it might be 30 Insig, 40 honour) x2 per day, but with the new 10 BGs a day, that can be boosted to 400 (the update patch 1.5 does indicate not only tiering of the BGs per 10 level increments, but also making them cross-server AND 10 times per day, though only the first two count towards Insignia and Shards). Patch aside, there is also the possibility of defeating higher levels, and in the combat system, if you fight a higher level player and win, you get a lot more honour than you do if they fight lower level players; in fact, I earned 156 honour defeating an opponent who was only 1 level higher than me in the previous GB. It's a nice boost, but you can't win it if you don't try.

                  You're missing my main counter argument though from my OP though - you CAN have gains in BGs if you're willing to try; there are work arounds until the patch is in play.

                  2. You need not remind me - I got my L55 kit when I was L48 because I could. I'm 7 levels away and enchanting the **** out of it (though I've had to stop because the slow process of gaining crypt tokens has me enchanting my Magister Pendants when I'm L50 - not so much an idiot on this one, just unfortunate when it came to getting crypt keys - hell, I still need to get my rings). I'm fully five levels away from my kit and I HAVE it - I think I'm doing okay, and if I can do okay, I think others can do okay too. Oh, and I also have the Elite Champion second one at that.

                  PS: As Condorhero noted, you might want to check the patch updates which came out end of last week - they do point out the BGs are already being fixed.
                  Finagle's Law - Anything that can go wrong will normally go wrong in the worst possible way.

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                  Guild: MntyPython

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                    I apologize for not reading that since I was just relying to see what's new if I see the "Latest Patch Notes" while I'm playing, and since it just keeps showing about the latest maintenance I was not totally aware of it.

                    However, I am still open for a discussion about the remaining suggestions, feel free to argue.